With God On My Side

 Daily  Confession

Psalms 138; Philippians 1:6

I will praise you God with my whole heart. I will testify of your goodness before men and will not be ashamed. I will worship and praise you Lord for your loving kindness and truth. Your Word is truth, and you have magnified your Word above all your name, When I cry unto you Lord, you answer me and strengthen me within. One word from your lips causes kings to praise you. All creation sings unto you God, for great is your glory. Though trouble may be all around me, about to swallow me up, the Lord sustains and upholds me. By His right hand he saves me. The Lord will perfect that which concerns me. He will bring all trouble to an end. He will complete that which he began in me. The Lord perfects every area of my life as I come into agreement with what he has already said. With God on my side, I am destined for success and nothing shall be impossible for me.

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