Modern Day Psalm

“Father God, your name is above all else. I am baptized by Your Spirit in  my inner man.  The cadence of you voice in my heart keeps me alive and thereby, the systems of my physical body are maintained. My confidence in you causes me to be dauntless, because you have proven yourself time and time again. As I embrace your law, your precepts, and examples, I find myself walking in your favor, in the light of your countenance. I glorify you Lord. I make my habitation under the shadow of your wings where I find safety. Your love for me is immeasurable. You are my God, Jehovah, changeless, revealing one. Lord I kiss your presence; for with you comes joy, peace, love,and wisdom. I make melody in my heart reminiscing of what you’ve already done, and anticipating with expectancy your next move. Your Word to me is my necessary food. Oh may I be obsessed with knowledge of you. My peace depends on your precepts. I am quiet before you so I can hear clearly what you will speak to my heart. I rest in the comfort of your instructions. I know I am safe because your sayings are written on the tables of my heart. I praise you for your unending love.  I am available to be used as a vessel for your kingdom. When I err from your path may the power of your Word cut as precisely as an laser beam and reveal the intricate xray of the issue; and whatever you have not planted in me be rooted out.  I yield myself to you, Oh,God, and I zero out anything contrary to your Word.”

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